Seller's Testimonials

We have been dealing with Bill for just over a year now and it has been a great experience thus far. He is very professional in his business and understands various situations to which he is quite attentive and flexible.Bill approached us by responding to an ad in a local newspaper and suggested some different options that could benefit both of us. The solution settled on was a rent to own situation that is proving to be a win win for all parties involved.The property has been well maintained and he has respected the few conditions that were outlined in the contract. From a financial perspective, there have been no issues whatsoever and this makes for a prosperous business relationship.We would recommend anyone looking for assistance in structuring any type of residential real estate transaction to contact Bill at I Buy Houses Fast Inc. to discuss many of the practical and feasible solutions he can offer.

Daryl V., Ancaster Ontario

After seeing the ad continuously in the Hamilton Spectator for "I Buy Houses Fast" we decided to call.Because of your politness, understanding and professionalism, we ended up not ever calling anyone else.Thank you for our assistance in selling our house quickly and hassle-free. Both Steve and I mull over a decision for a long time, but once we make up our minds we want results yesterday! You helped us accomplish our dreams, and for that we are extremely thankful.

Bernadette and Steve Staaff, Hamilton Ontario

It was early November. My Mortgages were in arrears by 3 months and power of sale was about to happen, I didn?t know how I was going to pay it, I owed money to my credit cards, utilities, even family members. I was at my wits end and didn't want to go power of sale.I called everyone I knew, I tried Re-financing my mortgage, no one could help me, So, I picked up the newspaper, went to the classified ads and searched for someone who could lend me money or buy my house quickly, this was my last hope.Then, I saw Bill's ad, I Buy Houses Fast. I called the ad, left a message.Bill returned my call promptly. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, and I really was very agitated when I spoke to him. Bill was very patient with me, we spoke for a while on the phone, he came over to the house, he looked around and said to me Christine, I can help you. Bill was very professional, we went over all the details of my finances, he offered me a solution to all the problems I was facing. My situation was a difficult one, but Bill never gave up on me, even when we thought this deal wouldn?t come about.Thanks Bill, your a very compassionate person, I would recommend you to anyone who may be in a bad situation like I was. The power of sale was stopped thanks I Buy Houses Fast.

Christine H, Hamilton, Ontario

Bill has truly worked a miracle that has remedied a very difficult situation for me. I had been trying for some time to sell my house because carrying all the expenses on my own had become overwhelming. I was falling more and more behind on my bills and the constant phone calls from creditors only increased my already high level of anxiety and stress. My mortgage was coming due and the house just had to be sold before it went power of sale. Bill eliminated my worries by purchasing my home and throughout our dealings, was very honest, business-like, fair and understanding. I had never sold a house before and Bill took care of the whole process, which was also a big relief. I feel now I can finally do something else other than worry!I would recommend without hesitation that anyone in difficulty with a property contact Bill Bisson - he will find the best solution to help you out of your situation - your burden will be lifted and that is a great feeling indeed. Thanks Bill!

L.S., Fonthill Ontario

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Bill Bisson from I Buy Houses Fast Inc. I was at my wits end dealing with all the problems associated with my rental property. I could not sell it on my own and it was costing me much grief and expense. My friend introduced me to Bill and I have to admit I did not trust him at first. I could not believe he could do what he said he could do since I was unable to get it done on my own.Bill proved me wrong.He came through on everything he promised.My house got sold for the price we agreed to and I have one less headache to deal with.I would recommend Bill Bisson and his services without hesitation.He is a man who is true to his word.Chris PimentoOakville ON

Chris Pimento, Oakville Ontario

Bill Bisson of " I Buy Houses" is an extremely professional person. He is caring and understanding in every way and met my needs expertly. After working with him for a couple of years I find him to be a very personable young man. I would work with Bill again if the matter came up.

Rachelle Warburton, Cambridge Ontario